Business is one thing that requires a lot of mental strategies, from having an idea to pitching it, or taking it with yourself without any help, to actually implementing it. It is a long process that cannot be done in a night. It requires strategies, mind games, energy to make it work. Not only businessmen but the actors, singers, artists, even they think about investing their money into something they can rely on when they won’t be having those fancy contracts. Business is something on which you can easily rely on. If this mindset is fed to the kids early it will help a lot of people. Why we should teach our kids to have this mindset is a very common question.

Kids have a very innovative mind when they are young, they make things and when they don’t like it, they break them into other things. It is called improvisation. Kids find it easier to work on things they like, inventing, discovering on their own. Providing the resources and time will not only help them but also you.

“Kids are just a sponge. When you expose them to things like brainstorming and prototyping, they get it. They are almost natural at it.”

Don Bossi


There are these unbelievable opportunities, as parents, that happen right under your roof to teach kids about money and entrepreneurship on the top of the list,” 

Thomas Henske

Developing a business mindset at an early age, for your kids is very beneficial. As the mind at an early age works faster and adapts or absorbs more information. Feeding your kid the right information or ethics, knowledge will help your child grow into a better and successful human being.

Many inventions have been made by kids like

  • Popsicles
  • Trampoline
  • Braille
  • Christmas lights
  • Toy trucks
  • Snowmobile
  • Water talkie
  • Swin slippers
  • Earmuffs
  • Makin bacon

 Not only these but many of the inventions were discovered and made by kids. What they used to do was just have their minds used. Their parents won’t interfere in their work and let them do whatever they want to. Parents at an early age of their child work more on feeding rather than giving their child the chance to use their own mind. They run after making them healthy but they don’t talk about where to use that energy. Food is good but to use the energy is where all the effort is.


Kids not only have innovative minds but also have a business mindset if they are provided with a good platform. These are some of the benefits of teaching your children entrepreneurship at an early age:

 Sense of accomplishment

 When kids make something and they see it as helping others they feel accomplished and feel energized to invent more things that will help others and will give them pleasure.


Giving your kids the freedom to do whatever they want to will help them in building a strong mindset. The more they will invent the more they will learn. Failing in it will also help them in growing. So, giving them freedom is like giving their adult self a better life.


Discipline is another thing that comes with having your own business. Your kid will know how much energy he/she has put into the work and will develop respect for the other person who is already doing it. It will give them discipline in respecting every human.


Risk-taking comes with inventing things. A kid will learn how to take risks in life which will help him grow more and faster. They won’t feel reluctant in doing many things as they know they did everything in the past so taking another risk won’t do any bad to him.

Sense of pride

When a kid will be successful in his invention a sense of pride will come and will give him confidence that he can do whatever he wants to if he puts his heart to it.


When inventions will fail, your kid will again put himself in that situation and will do better next time. The more failure the more energy or passion to stand up again and do it. This resilience will make your kid stronger and he won’t be afraid of any failures anymore. And will take more chances in his life.

Independent thinking

Independent thinking is one of the main benefits of letting your kid innovate. As he will know that he can do anything on his own as in the past he has been taking decisions and was learning from it. So taking a huge step in the future will not scare him.


Examples of some young entrepreneurs:

 Sir Richard Bronson dropped out of high school at age 16 and started his first business, a youth culture magazine called “Student.” He then went on to start Virgin Records and now runs the Virgin Group, which controls over 400 other companies and endeavors.

Another entrepreneur, Ben Casnocha, started his business, Comcate, when he was 13. Comcast delivers on-demand software to small and midsized local governments to help them improve their customer service. Today, the software is being used in cities across the country and serves over 25,000 citizens and staff.

HoopSwagg creator Brennan Agranoff started his business when he was 13. By the time he was 17, it was earning seven figures – while he pulled straight As in school and participated in sports four nights a week.

 There are many examples where you will get to know how beneficial it is to make your kids start a business at an early age, whether it is a lemon stand stall, posting letters, doing deliveries, making tea, doing household work, etc. this all will help your kid is growing and being a better version of himself when he grows up.